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‘Shy’ male sues Women’s Studies teacher for failing him after he refused to attend class | The Raw Story












“I didn’t expect it would be all women and it was a small classroom and about 40 women were sort of sitting in a semicircle and the thought of spending two hours every week sitting there for the next four months was overwhelming.”

Male expects special accommodation because he doesn’t want to be around women, and then sues for discrimination. Amazing.

homeboy never heard of dropping??

So…he was stuck into the same situation that many women in STEM fields are stuck in but it’s different because it scared his little man feelings?

An actual shy person wouldn’t go to court over this. All that exposure and scrutiny? No thanks.

No, because see, he’s love shy which is a chronic inability to deal with women because they might not want to date you.

He went to a women’s studies class expecting men


I have -1920% sympathy for this douche.

lol attendance and participation were only 15% of the grade. it would have been possible to pass without ever attending if his work wasn’t shit.

He wasn’t stuck in the same situation as women in STEM fields (as said above) because this was only ONE single class.  Women in STEM fields experience being outnumbered and ostracized for their entire academic career.  NOT ONE PUNY LITTLE SEMESTER LONG CLASS.

I hope the judge laughs him out of the courtroom.

“I believe if you want to attract more males to these courses, you have to work with them. My request for accommodation was reasonable.”

Get the fuck out. How much more accommodation do men need??


From all the trans and cis women who are in male dominated fields, all I have to say is welcome to our world dudebro and consider yourself lucky you only have go through it for one semester. Seriously, ridiculous.

In one women’s studies class I took there were maybe 3 guys in a class of about 40-50. One guy I remember came to every class and sometimes participated, and was usually very respectful. We had one class where we were talking about menstruation and images of menstruation in pop culture (the whole course was on images of women in pop culture), and he left at the very beginning of  that class and we never saw him again.

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"If white people are so privileged why is there a Black Entertainment Network and no White Entertainment Network?"

"Men don’t have privilege, there are women’s only gyms!"

"Why isn’t there a campus centre for straight/cis people!?"


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Reminder that whilst you are under no obligation to educate people, telling them to google the issue they want to know about is not incredibly helpful or ideal.

Since 2009, Google have amended their search algorithm software for all users to personalise results as per data Google can collect from that user- adsense data, previous searches and content of a Google user account if existent.

This means that not everybody sees the same search results as everybody else and the negative aspect of this personalisation is that when someone is looking for info on social issues, ESPECIALLY controversial ones with large amounts of conflicting content produced, Google turns into one giant confirmation bias machine.

So saying “this is on the first page when you search [topic]” isn’t very helpful because all that proves is it was on the first page for YOU; and if the person trying to educate themself is trying to break out of an entrenched bigoted opinion it’s likely less favourable content was on the first page for THEM.

tl;dr: Google does not show users content that conflicts with their existing beliefs because its designers consider that bad customer service.

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Imagine you’re standing there, minding your own business, and all of a sudden someone steps on your foot. You don’t know if they’re doing it on accident or on purpose–all you know is, it hurts.
So, you tell the person standing on your foot, “Oww! Get off my foot!”
The person standing on your foot responds by stomping down even harder, saying, “I didn’t mean to stand on your foot. Why do you have to yell at me?” As they dig their heel further into your foot, they say, “I’d stop, but you were being so snarky about the fact that I’m standing on your foot that you’re pushing me to keep doing it.”
Eventually, you have had enough, and so you forcefully shove that person off your foot. “Why’d you do that?” you ask. They respond, “Well, you shoved me! You can’t complain because you’re just as bad!”
If this sounds like a ridiculous scenario, that’s because it is. But it happens to oppressed groups all the time.
Today, I was on Twitter and saw a Christian blogger talking about how Christian feminists are driving him to complementarianism, because of “how they come off.” He admitted that he knows patriarchy is awful and hurts women. But he asserted that feminists are “hurting their own cause” because they can’t respond with “civility” when others are uncivil to them.
He recognizes that systems of oppression hurt women, yet, because feminists aren’t being “nice” enough, he feels driven back to those systems of oppression. He knows he’s stepping on women’s feet, but they sound so angry when they ask him to get off that he thinks, hell, maybe I’ll dig in deeper.
I see this everywhere. I experience it often.
I’ll be hurting from oppression, or I’ll see others hurting from it, and we’ll speak out through frustration and pain, and someone will tell us that if we don’t “play nice” we’ll never get what we want.
How sadistically evil does that sound when you really stop and think about it? What are these people really saying?
“I’m perfectly capable of treating you as a human being, and I fully recognize how much you’re hurting, but I’m going to hurt you even more because I don’t like your tone.”
“You want power in this system. But before I give it to you, you’ve got to bow to my standards of tone, so I can remind you who’s really in charge.”
“If I’m oppressing you, it’s actually YOUR fault.”
You can give a person the benefit of the doubt, assume that their hurtful actions were unintentional. But once you’ve asked them to stop and their response is, “I hear you, but I’m going to keep doing this until you ask according to my standards,” the illusion dissolves.
You know this person truly wants to control people like you.
When privileged people tell oppressed groups “I would listen to you, but you aren’t being very nice” they are asserting their power in a subtle, but dangerous way. They are victim blaming. They are trying to hide the fact that when others have “asked nicely,” they just ignored them. When they tell you it is up to you to convince them to treat you like a human being, they are revealing that they never thought of you as human to begin with.
Remember, the privileged also set the standard for what “nice” is. People who fundamentally challenge their worldview in ways that they can’t just ignore will never meet it no matter how “nice” we are.

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